This Minor Update Can Make a Major Difference

Boost your curb appeal in Monroeville & Murrysville, PA with new coil or sheet metal trim

Want to know the secret to getting a flawless exterior at an affordable price? The answer is new sheet metal or coil trim from Walkers' Windows. With new trim, we can give your windows a sleek new appearance without the price tag of a full replacement. Plus, we'll help you decide on the perfect color to make your house stand out.

Get a free estimate on your new coil or sheet metal trim in Monroeville & Murrysville, PA by contacting us today.

Why should you replace your trim?

Why should you replace your trim?

Our sheet metal and coil trim replacement services can:

  • Make your windows look new at a fraction of the cost
  • Boost your curb appeal with a fun new color
  • Save you money on a huge remodel
Find out how a coil or sheet metal trim replacement can enhance the comfort and value of your home in the Monroeville & Murrysville, PA area. Call 412-607-1755 now.